Toll Booth Removal Project

Crews will be removing 13 toll booths at 11 ramp locations throughout The Toll Roads system this summer five on the 73 Toll Road, one on the 133 Toll Road, four on the 241 Toll Road and one on the 261 Toll Road. With the conversion to all-electronic tolling, the toll booths are no longer needed and removing them allows the lanes to be widened to create smoother driving flows when entering and exiting The Toll Roads. Sign up here to receive project updates and closure information.

Project Background

When the toll plazas were originally constructed, the lanes for cash toll collection were designed to allow people to slow down to stop and pay their tolls in cash. With the implementation of all-electronic tolling and removal of cash toll collection, all tolls area collected electronically from vehicles traveling at free-flow speeds and the toll booths are no longer needed. The toll booth removal project will remove 13 toll booths at 11 ramp locations. The remaining toll booths throughout the system will be removed in future phases of the project.

Project Details
  • Construction activities will include removal of toll booths, reconstructing pavement, restriping lanes and reconfiguring toll equipment
  • Work will require weekend closures of two ramps at a time during five weekends, detours will be in place for drivers
  • Majority of work will occur between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m.
  • Nearby residents may notice noise related to construction work

Ramp Location Map

Booth removal

Anticipated Project Schedule

The toll booth removal and ramp reconstruction work will require minor prep work during regular weekday hours followed by full weekend (59-hour) ramp closures that will require detours. An exception to this will be El Toro Rd. ramps on the 73 Toll Road, for which work will be performed during regular weekday hours with one lane open to traffic during that time followed by a short 4-hour evening ramp closure on Friday, August 18.

Work will be conducted over five weekends, two ramps at time, except for the first weekend where only the northbound Newport Coast Dr. on-ramp will be closed. For current closures and detours, please visit the Closure and Detours page.
















For more information about the Toll Booth Removal project, please contact Julie Diaz at (949)754-3418 or





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